CMH Studio  New Summer Pillows from Cheeky Monkey Home!

Happy summer to you! I am thrilled to introduce Cheeky Monkey Home’s new mix-and-match pillow collection.  My new designs draw from timeless moroccan quatrefoil and wave designs, and the classic greek key motif.  Wool felt appliques in vivid pinks, blues and corals, are striking on soft oatmeal linen and creamy cotton canvas. In the Cheeky Monkey tradition, I design, hand-cut, and stitch every pillow with loving care and precision. Take a stroll with this summery bunch!



Below is a pile-up of passionate pinks, corals and peach pillows–don’t they all look just beautiful together?





Above are the greek key and quatrefoil designs in my favorite coral felt–shown on toothy oatmeal linen.  The quatrefoil design has handmade wool tassels trimmed with gold ribbon.  Yay!



Now for the navy—I never can get enough of nautical navy blue and white!  All of our summer designs come in these blue combinations, and you can see how well they group—or stand alone–to make a striking accent.  




The same designs look luscious in hot pink, coral and the softest petal pink–all lovely and fresh.  Something about a room with lots of contrasting pinks feels so indulgent and luxurious to me! 



And finally, featuring my wave design of repeating scallops, with one splashy wave that wants to stand out.  I just love these because they are vibrant, classic, modern and fun. (Also available in navy blue, not shown.)



Thank you for visiting Cheeky Monkey’s new summer collection!  All of our designs are available on the Cheeky Monkey Home Etsy Shop.  As always, I make most pillows to order and any design can be made for you in colors and sizes of your choice, so please contact me to make a custom order.  


Hooray for summer!  I say, let’s start relaxing today!


Inspiration  A Week of Fun in San Francisco!

Hello!  I just returned from another great trip to to beautiful San Francisco, where I was tagging along with my husband on his business trip.  We combed the city–walking everywhere and ducking down streets and through neighborhoods until our feet ached. After three trips in one year, I have a lot of great things to share!


map photo from Maker & Moss 


I recommend several great websites and blogs for tips on where to go around the city: Victoria Smith, SFGirlbyBay 24 Hours in San Francisco, and Grace Bonney’s Design Sponge SF Design Guide.  I also refered to the awesome SF Gate, and Eater San Francisco constantly to find out about neighborhoods and restaurants.  (The above map can be found at Maker & Moss in Hayes Valley.)


Inspiration  DIY Lego Counter: Homage to Childhood & the Playful Adult


When it comes to gorgeous color and playful design, there is no one who can do it better than Tami Rodrig of Happy Art Studio.  Mixed media is her game, and she continues to broaden her palette from painting, tiling, sewing, collage, jewelry, and now to include Legos!  You may know Tami for her joyful jewelry collection (read more here), but as you can see, there are no limits to her creativity and imagination with color! 


Friend Feature  Spring Skirts from Whimsy: A Lovely Mother’s Day Gift!

I have been wanting one of Kendra Haskell’s adorable skirts ever since I discovered her brand, Whimsy, at a craft fair a few years ago.  After a fierce winter in Boston, a Whimsy skirt is a refreshing way to welcome spring, and a lovely Mother’s Day gift! (Hoping my kids read this post!)



Kendra combines vibrant fabrics and fun trims to create limited edition skirts for girls (ages 2 -6) and women.  She also uses applique in many of her designs, like her Mother’s Day butterfly skirt, and adorable Winged Heart t-shirts.

Friend Feature  Have to Have: Hipster Dolls by Blue Raspberry Designs

Hello! This week I am so excited to bring to you Blue Raspberry Designs by Valentina Felce, of Orlando, FL.  She makes these sophisticated and edgy, one-of-a-kind dolls—and I have to tell you that at 40+, I am totally obsessed with a doll!  Each creation is an illustration (and perhaps a whole persona) that has come alive with sharpies, paint and a bit of muslin and stuffing!


Do you see who these cool dudes are?  Picasso, Van Gogh and Salvadore Dali!  Also don’t miss her Frida Kahlo doll, one of my favorite ladies.


Inspiration  Primo Podcasts for Makers & Creative Entrepreneurs

Hello!  Today I am excited to share with you my favorites podcasts!  Some are for entrepreneurs, some for creatives, and some just for fun!  No matter how frustrating my day might be, when I listen to these awesome podcasts I feel productive and uplifted.


My two favorite shows that provide me insight and inspiration every week are After the Jump, by Grace Bonney, the amazing DIY Design Blogger, and The Lively Show, by Jess Lively, and creator of Living Life With Intention Online.  But there are so many….





The Lively Show by Jess Lively.  This year I discovered Jess LIvely and her wonderful interviews with (mostly) women who talk about the pursuit of joy and fulfillment in life, work, love, and family.  Jess talks about vulnerable topics that so many women deal with, related to self image, productivity, morale and finding lifetime happiness.


I recently also took Jess Lively’s fantastic course, Life With Intention, which is an online course that helps to identify what our values are, and build a life that is intentional and value-driven, for joy, balance and fulfillment.  It is a great course, and you can repeat as many times as you like!


The Art of Simple by Tsh Oxenreider.   A great podcast of conversations about “everything else”, including food, travel, family, working at home, music and living simply.  I really like this when I am taking a break from thinking so hard!  (more…)  

Tried & True  DIY Sideboard with Metallic Spray Paint Accents

Hello, and Happy Spring!  During spring cleaning I visited some of the treasures in my basement–diamonds in the rough that just need a little TLC to have a new life. Today my grandparents’ cabinets are coming upstairs for some new paint and sparkle!  

Well, OK, maybe you can see how my husband might want these out on the curb…




Inspiration  Color Trip with Peach and Coral

Ever since my childhood bedroom was painted peach, I have loved the glow and warmth peachy coral colors add to a room. This week I pairing my peachy coral pillow collection with some of the gorgeous pillows from Caitlin Wilson Textiles, as well as some finds from Serena & Lily and Mokkasin.    



Inspiration  Cheeky Monkey Home Does Turquoise & Greige

This week I am pulling together the things that I love the most from my favorite designers, and pairing them with Cheeky Monkey Home pillows. Turquoise is fresh and vibrant, and I think it is especially beautiful set off by a warm beige-grey (“greige”).  As you can see,  a strong color identity can be all you need to unify a huge range of style and texture in your decor.



I love Caitlin Wilson’s textiles and home decor.  She is amazingly talented, successful and prolific (and so young!).  Her newest collection of rugs seem inspired by her international travel, and I love how they pair with so many Cheeky Monkey designs.  I have also been eyeing everything in the new Serena & Lily catalogue, and especially this gorgeous Palmetto wallpaper!  It feels rich, Indian, and very handmade to me.