CMH Studio  Floor Cushions: From My Family to Yours

I have to share with you the most universally adored (hands down!) item in my home:  a set of three stacking floor cushions made with luscious 100% wool felt.


Our first floor cushions were actually inherited from my grandparents, who bought them in Japan in the 60s and used them for seating at a tea table. Years later, I inherited them and my two little boys quickly adopted them for rough-housing and fort-building. The original (antique!) set was covered in silk, but amazingly held up for years of daily (rowdy) play.  (more…)  

Tried & True  Furniture Finds

I truly love finding something discarded and making it into something great. My husband is very patient, but understandably shows signs of annoyance when I show up with another “find” that needs to sit in the basement for a few months until I find time to give it a second life. 

Today I want to share a great chair I found (yes, in someone’s trash) for my son Owen’s room that just needed a little facelift. Here is the Before and After:


photo by Holly Johnson

There is nothing difficult about sprucing up old furniture, but for any of you who might be intimidated by a project like this, I wanted to pass along a few of my tried and true tips.  (more…)  

Friend Feature  The Work of Artist & Fashion Designer Nick Cave

Nick-Cave-6-figures-in-hair photo courtesy of Jack Shainman Gallery, NYC

I just attended a fantastic show of Nick Cave’s work at the Peabody Essex Museum  in Salem, MA. Nick Cave is a Chicago artist and professor of fashion design at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. His work embraces dance, fiber arts, sculpture and performance through these incredible “sound suits”. (more…)