Inspiration  10 Tips for Traveling with Kids (to Paris!)

Last summer my husband, AJ. and I embarked on a 14 day trip to Paris with our two boys, ages 9 and 6—with fingers crossed. Not only was it our first trip abroad with the kids, but our first home exchange experience.  We traded homes (and cars) with a French family and we did not know what we were in for, except most certainly an adventure!   We were grateful to arrive at a lovely spacious home on the outskirts of Paris, just a 5 minute walk to the train (RER), that took us into Paris in about 15 minutes.  (I could write a whole post about doing home exchanges!)   We used and it is wonderful! There was no exchange of money—just a lot of emails and Skype to get to know each other.  We lucked out!

home-away-from-homeBeing our first international trip with kids, we were unsure of how the boys would do.  Selfishly, I worried I would not get to see all the sites, and would regret bringing them….au contraire!  It turned out they were at a great age to start traveling, and we all had a terrific time.  We all grew, enriched our souls and broadened our horizons significantly.  It was such a success, I had to share a few of the things we did RIGHT on the trip, (and a few things we learned the hard way!)

Baguette-in-Paris  (more…)  

Tried & True  Before & After with Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan

A good friend recently introduced me to Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, and all of its amazing qualities.  So I experimented this weekend with a few pieces that I am excited to share with you.  Before I get to the “before and after“—-do you know about this amazing stuff?


This is Maison Decor, the cute shop in Boston’s South End where I bought 5 colors and the amazing wax finishes last week.  Warning:  it is very hard to choose from the 30 classic colors they offer!  You can find a distributor near you here. (more…)  

CMH Studio  A Beautiful Boston Bedroom

I recently had the opportunity to paint a really fun mural of the Boston Garden for a new baby girl in Boston’s South End.  I was so happy to return to this room, a year after painting the adjacent wall for her big brother! 



On the adjacent wall (below) is this simple modern skyline of Boston, using the same palette of blues and greens, and a simplified silhouette style.   (more…)  

Inspiration  Magical Mexico

I am just a fool for Mexico.  I love the color, the style, the pottery, the art, the jewelry, and of course the food.  I truly cannot get enough and I think it must be in my blood from my grandparents’ travels there as painters during their retirement.  I have only been there once but I inherited many Mexican treasures that inspire me every day. 

Oaxaca-bullNomad, Cambridge

There is a wonderful store called Nomad near me in Cambridge, MA, where I go whenever I want to feel inspired. (more…)  

Friend Feature  Featuring Cara Carmina!

I recently discovered the work of Norma Andreu, of Cara Carmina.  Brace yourself, this work is amazing…..


Norma is an artist with enormous talent, originally from Mexico City, and now living in Montreal.  I fell in love with her one-of-a-kind Frida Kahlo dolls instantly.  (more…)