Inspiration  Cape Cod’s Endless Inspiration

School’s out and we spent the first weekend of summer at the Cape. I love the inspiration I get from the sea air and all of the gorgeous nature Cape Cod offers.  


This is Greenland Pond, in Brewster, where we canoe and swim after a salty day at the beach.   You can see the roots of the lily pads all the way to the bottom of the pond, and some of the lilies are blooming under water! (more…)  

Friend Feature  The Stunning Seam Collection for Girls

I just adore the fresh and classic designs for little girls at Seam. Designer and mother of four, Cindy Estes, creates children’s clothes for play and comfort, versatility and fun.  This, plus charming style and sweetness is what makes Seam’s collection irresistible to moms and kids alike.


photos courtesy of Seam CollectionSeam-Collection-Yellow-and-Peach

photos courtesy of Seam Collection


Tried & True  Tried & True: Painting a Colorful Ceiling

I have always stayed away from darker colors on the ceiling for fear they would close the room in and make it feel like a cave. But over the years I have found a colorful ceiling can work beautifully under the right conditions!  Here is a little boy’s ceiling I recently painted in Boston’s Beacon HIll.  Starry-Night-Ceiling-with-Giraffe Starry-Night-Sky-Ceiling-2


This is a large room with a high ceiling and wonderful natural light that makes the metallic gold stars sparkle!  In a room that is mostly white, a dark ceiling can provide a nice anchor, and in this case, it is nicely balanced by the dark floors.  The vision and design for this room was conceived by designer, Diane McCafferty, who has a fantastic modern aesthetic.  (more…)