Friend Feature  The Amazing Jenny Krauss: Artisan Belts & Home Decor

I am thrilled to feature artist and designer, Jenny Krauss, who creates hand-woven and embroidered belts and home decor that are both beautifully designed and impactful in their creation.  All of her products are hand-made in Peru by skilled artisans with whom Jenny has collaborated for the last five years.  I have three of her exquisite belts and I wear them constantly–one belt is all you need to transform a pair of jeans and a t-shirt into a unique and stylish outfit.



Tried & True  Finders Keepers: 1920′s Mirror Ball

I have very good luck finding things (or maybe it is just an eye for trouble), and I love nothing more than resurrecting something special that has been discarded.  I was jogging with my dog Piper when I discovered this beautiful “disco ball” in the trash of a synagog in my town.  It was very broken and had lost many of its mirrors, but obviously a treasure!Art-Deco-Mirror-Ball-in-studio

photos by Holly Johnson


CMH Studio  Summer Camp Nostalgia – New England Style

Every so often I get a custom order for a pillow that makes me want to hug my client.  This camp pillow was a housewarming gift for a family with a classic Maine “camp”, where generations come together and enjoy all the outdoor activities that New England has to offer.  


 photos by Holly Johnson

This adorable patch idea was the genius of my client, who is brilliantly creative and fun in all of her endeavors.  She wanted to represent all of the great Maine camp activities with patches, much like we got as girl scouts long ago!  Isn’t this just the cutest, classic gift idea?   (more…)  

Friend Feature  Martha Stewart’s American Made Awards!

logo-horiz American Made

It is time for Martha Stewart’s annual American Made contest—an amazing opportunity for creative entrepreneurs who work 100% locally to be recognized for outstanding creativity and ingenuity among the top creators of the year.  American Made is an Audience Choice Award that will select a handful of the top local producers of artisan products to receive this special honor of recognition.  There will be six winners selected, representing six categories for consideration:  food, craft, design, style, gardening, or technology.  The winners will gain priceless recognition by Martha Stewart and attend a special workshop in NYC this October!


Check out the American Made web site to find out how to nominate yourself and/or nominate creative entrepreneurs you want to promote.  The nominations begin July 20, and online voting begins August 26th.  I am so excited to apply for Cheeky Monkey Home!

Inspiration  Great Books & Bookplates for Young Readers

We read a lot at our house…I should say we read a lot to our boys.  I personally have not read an adult book cover-to-cover for about ten years, because I simply cannot stay awake once I sit down (day or night).  But I am totally enthralled with the books I read with Camden (10) and Owen (7).  Yes—I laugh hysterically and cry crocodile tears — AND I have complete literary fulfillment.  Believe it or not, I think this has more to do with the quality of these reads than it is a statement about how easily I am entertained, or my simpleton reading level! 


Part of the fun of discovering these treasures is lending and borrowing books from friends.   It is thrilling to lend our favorite books out, knowing buddies are about to be overcome by a story as we just were.  We use bookplates to keep track of our favorites.


custom bookplates by Cheeky Monkey Home