Tried & True  DIY: Your Own Buche de Noel for the Holidays

My eight year old loves to make elaborate cakes, but he rarely gets me to join in because I am terrified of baking!  He has been asking to make a Buche de Noel cake ever since he saw a picture in Joanne Chang’s flour, too cookbook, that he gave me last spring.  I figured there is no better time than Christmas to take the challenge, so we did our best to make this amazing dessert to have on Christmas night.Joanne-Chang-Flour-Too

Now, as you can see, ours is not perfect, but it was so much fun to make together, and it tastes amazing!  The whole process is a little daunting because the recipe is three pages long, but we took it in stages over a few days and it was manageable and fun.  I do not have much experience baking—so if we can do it,  anyone can! (more…)  

Inspiration  DIY: Make Your Own Woodland Hideout

One mom, plus four super-active boys, equals a wild playdate!  This calls for a wild plan, and definitely something outdoors.  I was in charge of my two boys and their good buddies for a few hours the other day, and I knew we would need something to really sink our teeth into.  We spent our afternoon working together to build this awesome hideout in the nearby woods.




Tried & True  DIY: Holiday Decorating With Kiddos

My boys and I love to kick off the holiday season by decorating with greens. This is the perfect Thanksgiving day activity for the kids, while the grown-ups are busy cooking!wreath-diy

The kids really enjoyed having their own pine swag to decorate using the pine cones we collected on a hike.  We rolled the pine cones in glue and then in different colored glitters, which is always fun, and always messy (do this outside if you can!).  Then using wire, we attached them to the swag, along with some colorful balls and glittery birds.  I had several kinds of ribbon to choose from, pipe cleaners, and variety of inexpensive colorful ornaments so they could really make them special.  Everyone went home with their own door decoration, and it was a great start to the season! (more…)  

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