Inspiration  Four Favorite Design Blogs for Mom

A quick note this week to share some of my favorite daily reads with you.  Four blogs that give me constant inspiration as a mother and in my work as a designer:  Design Mom,  Handmade Charlotte, Babyccino Kids and Culture Baby!   If you don’t know them yet, I highly recommend checking them out!



CMH Studio  Butterflies in Paris Pillow by Cheeky Monkey Home

Hello!  I think I see some hints of spring today.  The snow is finally receding in Boston and the grass (albeit brown) is revealed!  In the spirit of spring, I want to share a very cheerful pillow with you that is a new addition to our World Traveler collection.   



CMH Studio  Festive Phone Sleeves by Cheeky Monkey Home

I am excited to introduce Cheeky Monkey Home’s new felt phone sleeves in a variety of vibrant Mexican designs.  This collection is inspired by paper Mexican flag garlands that are used for celebrations and parties all around Mexico. Tissue paper crafts are a rich tradition in Mexico, and I am drawn to them because of the festive quality and brilliant colors.  The intricate paper cut-outs create a lacy effect and beautiful negative shapes—-very similar to what we do with felt!  



Friend Feature  Shop Local: Found Home in Chatham, MA

I recently discovered a very special new store that has cropped up in Chatham, Massachusetts, and everyone who frequents Cape Cod just has to know about it!  Found Home is the creative genius of Jennifer Runnels, who pours her heart and soul (and unbelievable talent) into this little shop full of gorgeous finds for the home.  


Drawing on her training as a fine artist, and twenty years of experience working in the furniture and interior design fields, she has a special eye for unique and sophisticated home design. (more…)