Friend Feature  Holiday Gift Guide: Best in Show from New England

With the holidays at our doorstep, I am bringing you some of my favorite makers from a year of craft fairs around New England.  It takes some serious scrappiness and downright determination to be a maker and to do the craft fair circuit, and these are some of the best!  This is just the beginning, so hoping you will stay tuned for more of the Best in Show!



Friend Feature  Etsy Love: Matryoshka Dolls

What is it about Matryoshka, or Russian stacking dolls, that we all love SO much? I just had a few orders for my Matryoshka pillow, and once again, I find myself just staring at them and feeling all warm and fuzzy!  I think part of it is the colors–I absolutely love red and pink and orange together.  HOT colors that both clash and sizzle, make me happy.  I also love their personalities and special outfits, that change as you uncap them and discover who is inside.



But it is not just me—people I meet just cannot get enough of Matryoshka dolls, and I find it totally fascinating!  I realized that while I make lots of Matryoshka pillows, iPad and computer cases,  I did not know the story behind these specially carved and painted dolls, and it is time to find out!