Inspiration  Four Favorite Design Blogs for Mom

A quick note this week to share some of my favorite daily reads with you.  Four blogs that give me constant inspiration as a mother and in my work as a designer:  Design Mom,  Handmade Charlotte, Babyccino Kids and Culture Baby!   If you don’t know them yet, I highly recommend checking them out!



Design Mom is “the intersection of design and motherhood”, by Gabrielle Blair who is a talented designer, internationally known blogger and mother of six children, living in Oakland, CA.  I love her blog because of her gorgeous aesthetic, madly creative ideas for crafts, kids and decorating, and her honesty about real life as a mother—with all the joys and challenges.  Design Mom is full of travel experiences that especially fuel my spirit—most amazing is her family series of mini films called Olive Us. These are beautifully produced films made by her kids and husband, showing their lives in France and beyond.  You have to see them to believe it!!


The second blog I adore is Handmade Charlotte, which is by another unbelievably creative mom named Rachel Faucett who lives on a farm in Georgia with her husband and five kids.  Handmade Charlotte is a very accessible collection of (easy) DIY projects, crafts, recipes, that is totally fun to read.  Rachel is also a talented designer who designs for companies like Pottery Barn and Anthropologie, and you can see her eye at work in everything she does.  Handmade Charlotte is a goldmine of easy, low-cost, fun projects to do with your kids. 


Another fabulous source is  Babyccino Kids, which is both a blog and a totally unique and creative shopping experience for moms and children.  Three moms write about the newest children’s products as well as travel and DIY ideas, with their unique international perspective from living in Amsterdam, New York City, London and Paris!



Babyccino Kids is the perfect place to find special gifts for children that cannot be found in stores.  You will love the wonderful collection of shops represented on their website, which I am proud to say includes Cheeky Monkey Home!



And finally, I am newly acquainted with a wonderful website and blog called Culture Baby.  Two young mothers started Culture Baby to promote and celebrate global design and cultural aesthetics in baby clothing and accessories.  They feature artisan, locally made, fair trade products from regions such as Africa, India, Europe, North America, Central Asia and many more.   I am so excited to see the new countries they are adding and all of the lovely and creative products for our little ones.


So, give yourself a gift that costs nothing and will energize you with ideas every day.  All you have to do is subscribe to get a dose of any one or all of these blogs, and treat yourself!  Enjoy!



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