Friend Feature  The Happiest Gift of Jewelry from Happy Art Studio

I was honored to be a guest artist at the Happy Art Open Studio last weekend for a holiday sale.  I met Tami Rodrig, the artist of Happy Art Studio, on the craft fair circuit this year, and was immediately impressed.  But, as it turned out, I have been a long-time admirer of her work ever since my husband gave me a lovely set of Happy Art earrings and necklace several years ago. Tami is a mixed media artist who began making jewelry when she moved here from Israel years ago—but her jewelry is just one of the many successful branches of her creative business!


Can you imagine how much self control it took to sit with all of this jewelry for a full day and not buy one of everything?  I think the red flower bracelet below is my favorite, but I adore every piece.


Tami uses both silver and gold as the foundation for her designs, upon which she layers paint and colorful embellishments to each piece—finally capturing the design in a durable resin.  I felt like a kid in a candy store seeing all of her supplies.  She keeps everything out on her desk, so that her creativity can flow.  Among the many beads and sequins she uses, are coffee beans, bits of eggshells and match sticks!  


It is a thrill to watch how Tami uses all of these materials to produce the vibrant and glowing jewelry in her collection!  I highly recommend visiting her Etsy site to shop, and signing up for her mailing list so you too can see her at work during an open studio!  She also offers mixed media workshops for all ages, providing a springboard for your creativity to take off and flourish.



It was truly an honor to be alongside Tami’s beautiful designs for a day.  I hope you will stop by her web site, but especIally her studio and craft fairs, to see the ever-changing selections of jewelry and fun accessories Happy Art Studio offers!

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