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Hello!  Today I am excited to share with you my favorites podcasts!  Some are for entrepreneurs, some for creatives, and some just for fun!  No matter how frustrating my day might be, when I listen to these awesome podcasts I feel productive and uplifted.


My two favorite shows that provide me insight and inspiration every week are After the Jump, by Grace Bonney, the amazing DIY Design Blogger, and The Lively Show, by Jess Lively, and creator of Living Life With Intention Online.  But there are so many….





The Lively Show by Jess Lively.  This year I discovered Jess LIvely and her wonderful interviews with (mostly) women who talk about the pursuit of joy and fulfillment in life, work, love, and family.  Jess talks about vulnerable topics that so many women deal with, related to self image, productivity, morale and finding lifetime happiness.


I recently also took Jess Lively’s fantastic course, Life With Intention, which is an online course that helps to identify what our values are, and build a life that is intentional and value-driven, for joy, balance and fulfillment.  It is a great course, and you can repeat as many times as you like!


The Art of Simple by Tsh Oxenreider.   A great podcast of conversations about “everything else”, including food, travel, family, working at home, music and living simply.  I really like this when I am taking a break from thinking so hard! 






Radio Cherry Bomb by Julia Turshen on Heritage Radio Network. A weekly conversation with women chefs, cookbook editors, entrepreneurs and general foodies, hosted by the incredible cookbook author, chef, and food writer, Julia Turshen.  So much creative food and business inspiration!


Joy the Baker by Joy the Baker and Tracy Benjamin.  I love this fun & funny podcast conversation about recipes, baking and life that goes on around food.  This is a feel-good, down-to-earth podcast that is always a pick-me-up! 


Inside School Food by Laura Stanley on Heritage Radio Network.  An eyebrow-raising look into the problems of providing sustainable and healthy meals for kids in K-12 schools across the country.  Many great interviews that will make you want to get involved!


Beer Sessions by Jimmy Carbone on Heritage Radio Network.  My husband and I love these conversations among brewers and beer experts covering every aspect of the craft brewing industry.  So much information for the craft beer brewer, and the casual beer drinker.


Chef Story by Dorothy Cann Hamilton on Heritage Radio Network.  A weekly interview with top chefs who share insights and experiences from their cooking careers.  I love to hear the inside stories from big chefs like Jacques Pepin, Barbara Lynch and Rick Bayless, as well as new chef stars!






Biz Ladies on Design Sponge (not a podcast, but an amazing resource for inspiration, support, and strategies for running your business).  I learn so much from these interviews!  


Oh So Pinteresting by Cynthia Sanchez.  As the name implies, this podcast is all about how to use Pinterest to grow your business and build audiences, and how Pinterest dovetails with Facebook, Instagram and Google!  I love it and have so much to learn in this area!   


Social Media Examiner  by Michael Stelzner.  This is a somewhat overwhelming array of podcasts about every social media marketing topic you can imagine, with some of the best experts/geeks in the field.  I loved this show with Facebook expert, Jon Loomer, on Advanced Facebook ad techniques, and I am working through the many topics!





After the Jump by Grace Bonney, Design Blogger and Design*Sponge Founder, on Heritage Radio Network.  An honest and supportive series of interviews with artists, designers and independent creatives about the successes and struggles they face every day.  This is my very favorite podcast and I have listened to many of them twice!


Smart Creative Women by Monica Lee.  This podcast is a huge series of interviews with inspiring women about their creative business journeys.  I think you will see many successful women you admire on Monica’s podcast list!  Enjoy, and start soaking it up!


Brilliant Business Moms by sisters Sarah Korhnak and Beth Anne Schwamberger.   An incredible collection of interviews with women who are building their businesses and sharing their knowledge of how to balance entrepreneurship and family.  


Etsy Conversations Podcast by Ijeoma. This is an awesome resource for anyone who wants to start an Etsy shop, or, like me, is still figuring out how Etsy works after a few years!  Ijeoma talks with Etsy sellers about how to sell on Etsy, and maximize the many benefits of the Etsy community and audience.  I just discovered this, and cannot get enough!


I hope you enjoy these links, and I would love to hear from you with any podcasts you enjoy!  There is so much out there and podcasts are such an efficient and easy way to gather up inspiration!  Enjoy!

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