Friend Feature  Have to Have: Hipster Dolls by Blue Raspberry Designs

Hello! This week I am so excited to bring to you Blue Raspberry Designs by Valentina Felce, of Orlando, FL.  She makes these sophisticated and edgy, one-of-a-kind dolls—and I have to tell you that at 40+, I am totally obsessed with a doll!  Each creation is an illustration (and perhaps a whole persona) that has come alive with sharpies, paint and a bit of muslin and stuffing!


Do you see who these cool dudes are?  Picasso, Van Gogh and Salvadore Dali!  Also don’t miss her Frida Kahlo doll, one of my favorite ladies.



I love how Valentina celebrates vintage tattoo art, and the mysterious personas of a kind of hipster beach culture.  She also has a whole series of vintage circus side show dolls including “the large woman” shown above, and a “four legged girl” and “two headed boy”—all somewhat disturbing but also beautiful and fascinating in a twisted kind of way.




Valentina talks about growing up a girl who “thought outside the box”, and always wanted to cut her Barbie’s hair and tattoo her with sharpies.  She followed her talents and special vision, and is now creating what she calls “unique toys for uncommon girls and boys”—and I would add, grown-ups too!



These dolls are from her series of Alice in Wonderland characters.  Most of what is on her Blue Raspberry Designs Etsy site is ready to ship, but Valentina also accepts custom orders!  I hope you will check out her shop to see her incredible artistry.  I think these dolls would make the perfect hostess or birthday gift for a hip gal or guy I know, don’t you?


Thank you, and have a great day!


* All photos are provided by Valentina Felce of Blue Raspberry Designs!

p.s.  My apologies to anyone who noticed I skipped a few posts recently!  I have been unexpectedly offline because my laptop died on April Fool’s Day!  Luckily I am using my hubby’s while mine is in the shop, and hope to be back to normal soon!

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