Inspiration  Magical Mexico

I am just a fool for Mexico.  I love the color, the style, the pottery, the art, the jewelry, and of course the food.  I truly cannot get enough and I think it must be in my blood from my grandparents’ travels there as painters during their retirement.  I have only been there once but I inherited many Mexican treasures that inspire me every day. 

Oaxaca-bull Nomad, Cambridge

There is a wonderful store called Nomad near me in Cambridge, MA, where I go whenever I want to feel inspired. All I have to do is walk in, and my whole day is changed—happy, fulfilled and full of ideas.  These hand-painted animals are from Oaxaca, where there is a long tradition of carving and painting native animals from the soft wood of the Copal tree, as well as paper mache.

Paper-Flowers-Day-of-Dead Nomad, Cambridge


Flowers made from paper and corn husks are everywhere in Mexico. 

Milagros-Heart-Baskets Nomad, Cambridge

Isn’t it beautiful here?  Nomad sells handmade ceramics, jewelry, textiles and incredible clothing from all over the world—and lots from Mexico!  The tiny charms covering the heart above are called Milagros, part of an ancient Latin American tradition, given to saints and deities to offer thanks and make wishes.

day-of-dead Nomad, Cambridge

I love these Day of the Dead ladies looking very stressed!  If you visit the Nomad website, you can read about (and join!) the wonderful group trips that the owner takes to Mexico.

Otomi-Pouf-Casa-Otomi Casa Otomi on Etsy

Another tradition of Mexico (and Oaxaca) is Otomi embroidered textiles, originated by the Otomi people of Mexico.  I am particularly inspired by this craft and find the simplicity of the designs and the contrast of vivid colors against a white background so joyful!  I found a wonderful selection at Casa Otomi on Etsy.  I think you will enjoy their shop!

otomi-multicolor Casa Otomi on Etsy

otomi-purse Casa Otomi on Etsy

CMHMexico-Pillow Frame of Flowers by Cheeky Monkey Home

This is a pillow from Cheeky Monkey Home that I made inspired by a tin mirror and candelabra I have from Mexico.  I love the way the layered flowers translate using felt applique.

tree-of-life Tree of Life by Cheeky Monkey Home

This is just a taste of all the wonderful inspiration from Mexico…I think I could collect images and ideas forever here.  I can’t wait to show you the Mexican designs I am working on for the fall collection at Cheeky Monkey Home!  Stay tuned, and thank you!


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