Inspiration  DIY Lego Counter: Homage to Childhood & the Playful Adult


When it comes to gorgeous color and playful design, there is no one who can do it better than Tami Rodrig of Happy Art Studio.  Mixed media is her game, and she continues to broaden her palette from painting, tiling, sewing, collage, jewelry, and now to include Legos!  You may know Tami for her joyful jewelry collection (read more here), but as you can see, there are no limits to her creativity and imagination with color! 


For her latest creation, Tami put her sons’ Lego collection to use, as well as some purchased (pinks!) and donated Legos to create this counter in her Lexington, MA kitchen. She did not use glue or a sealer—they are simply locked in place as any Lego masterpiece is constructed.


As a mother of two boys, I feel a strong connection to Legos because they are one of the few plastic toys that develop the brain and offer years and years of entertainment.  Legos are a most magnificent combination of learning and fun—engaging kids, adults, boys and girls for hours upon end!   I am convinced that my sons can tackle any Ikea assembly project because of the spatial coordination they developed from years of complex Lego projects. If you have kids who are hooked, you know what I mean!  

lego-kitchen-counter-clock lego-kitchen-counter-tree



My boys collected the sets—borrow, beg or steal—whatever it took, even saving their own money to purchase new Legos as soon as they hit the shelves.  I love the idea of making them into something that the whole family can enjoy and use together as kids get older!  This counter is the perfect homage to childhood and the playfulness that we all hope to carry into adulthood!  


Thank you, Tami!


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