CMH Studio  Customize Your Pillows at Cheeky Monkey Home

Hello, and Happy New Year!  This year I really got to know my customers, and I learned that I need to let people know that—YES!— we do custom pillows and personalization (a lot!!).  While there are many colors and designs on our Etsy Site, we also love to do custom orders.  A custom pillow (with a personalized message on the back) makes an amazing and memorable gift. I want to share some of my favorite custom designs in 2014, just to get your creative juices flowing….who knows, you may have a custom vision in mind too!


The most common request I get is for a new color combination or a different size of something I already offer.  Below are custom versions of the bunnies, painter’s palette and world map pillows we sell in our shop.  As much as I like the originals, the new combinations are pretty special too! 

navy-and-grey-bunny-otomi-pillow painter-palette-pillow-grey-blue



Friend Feature  Guilford Find: Abby Berkson Ceramics

I have so much to share from the Guilford Craft Expo last weekend!  I discovered ceramicist, Abby Berkson, of Easthampton, MA.  Do you know her work?  Abby spins a whimsical batch of stoneware bowls, pots and mugs for kids from 0 to 100.  I love her soft palette, and the way she features some unexpected creatures in her collection. Very refreshing and fun!


photo courtesy of Abby Berkson


CMH Studio  June Daisy Pillow Giveaway From Cheeky Monkey


We are happy that summer’s here, school’s out, and it’s time to wear flip-flops all day long!  This month we are giving away our happy Daisy Pillow in pink, white and orange felt (a 16″ X 16″ square).  The soft colors are the perfect accent for a little girl’s bedroom or playroom!


We will randomly select one lucky winner on Friday, June 27th! (more…)  

Friend Feature  Keepsake Hand-Felted Animals & Taxidermy

As a child I loved the meticulous stuffed animals from Steiff, and I was the proud owner of one tiny 3-inch panda bear, which still sits on my dresser forty years later.  A few years ago I discovered the artist Miss Bumbles on Etsy and had the desperate desire of a five year old child to have one of my own.  (Yes, I got a Miss Bumbles pig for my birthday!)felted-animals-grouping

photos from Miss Bumbles

Miss Bumbles is the alter ego of illustrator Ruth Rivers, of London.  She hand felts these tiny treasures and adorns them with the sweetest hand embroidery and props.  Each one is not more than 3 or 4 inches high, and completely one of a kind.  If you fall in love with one, you should snap it up, because they scurry away fast.  (I am convinced they come alive when you are not looking!)  Have you ever seen anything so cute in your life? (more…)  

Friend Feature  Modern Map Prints by J.Hill Design

I am always watching what will come next from my friend Jen Hill, of J.Hill Design.  Jen makes patterned map prints about places she’s never been, as well as a lot she has explored in her travels.  She is a genius with color and pattern, and almost everything she makes can be personalized.  Nothing is better than e a personalized gift, and she even provides information on economical framing options, so you can get it all done in one stop!


I am a big fan of her famous map prints, featuring neighborhoods, cites and countries around the world.  She chooses the patterns and colors carefully to evoke the imagery, history and stories of each special place.  



CMH Studio  15% off Holiday Sale at Cheeky Monkey Home!



For all of our lovely customers from holidays past, present and future–we welcome you to shop our collections and enjoy a 15% discount through the end of the year!  Just enter the promotion code CMH2013 at checkout, and the discount will be taken as you finalize your order!


Warm wishes for a wonderful holiday season!  


Love, Holly and the Cheeky Monkey Home Team!