Tried & True  Tried & True: Painting a Colorful Ceiling

I have always stayed away from darker colors on the ceiling for fear they would close the room in and make it feel like a cave. But over the years I have found a colorful ceiling can work beautifully under the right conditions!  Here is a little boy’s ceiling I recently painted in Boston’s Beacon HIll.  Starry-Night-Ceiling-with-Giraffe Starry-Night-Sky-Ceiling-2


This is a large room with a high ceiling and wonderful natural light that makes the metallic gold stars sparkle!  In a room that is mostly white, a dark ceiling can provide a nice anchor, and in this case, it is nicely balanced by the dark floors.  The vision and design for this room was conceived by designer, Diane McCafferty, who has a fantastic modern aesthetic.  (more…)  

CMH Studio  Worldly Girls Skyline Mural

I recently had the opportunity to paint a skyline mural for twin girls in lovely Beacon Hill.  From the Taj Mahal to the Seattle Space Needle–these gals are surrounded by the architectural wonders of the world.  Do you see any buildings you know and love?




I partnered with designer Diane McCafferty on this project, whose firm led the design and renovation for the entire house.  I love her creativity and fresh, modern style. Check out the cool light against the blue ceiling!  I have to admit, I was worried it would be too dark, but it is perfect!!  The warmth and pop of the rug provides the contrasting balance. (more…)  

CMH Studio  A Beautiful Boston Bedroom

I recently had the opportunity to paint a really fun mural of the Boston Garden for a new baby girl in Boston’s South End.  I was so happy to return to this room, a year after painting the adjacent wall for her big brother! 



On the adjacent wall (below) is this simple modern skyline of Boston, using the same palette of blues and greens, and a simplified silhouette style.   (more…)