CMH Studio  Stylish Tablet Sleeves by Cheeky Monkey Home

We are excited to introduce our fantastic felt sleeves for your laptop, phone, iPod and minis.  Our stylish sleeves are a cheerful way to protect your tech tools from the rough outside world, not to mention the terrain inside your bag!



A special feature of our felt sleeves is that they have a handy pocket on the back to store your charger!  Likewise, our phone sleeves have a small pocket for your license or credit card, so you can travel light.  Our striking new Greek Key design is making its way onto all of our sleeves in many color combinations, and onto pillows—coming soon!



Below you can see our colorful butterfly design on the Mac Book Air case and Kindle case.    The pocket on the back is great for holding your charger, pens, or even your phone.  You can mix and match our coordinating sleeve designs for all of your devices, and they make the perfect gift!


Our peace sign cases are the perfect gift for big kids who want a fun splash of color and style for their tech toys.   


We have many new designs, and lots more coming for the holidays to our Etsy site Check our Etsy page often to see what we are up to!  

CMH Studio  Got You Covered: Phone & Eyeglass Cases

Hello, and welcome to the heart-of-summer!  Many new designs are coming out of our studio right now.  Our felt iPhone sleeves have been a huge hit at the craft fairs, and I have just completed a bunch of new designs that will be available on the Cheeky Monkey Etsy site this week!  If you like these designs, don’t miss our August Giveaway this Thursday.


I have also had requests for eyeglass cases, and I am happy to provide!  Here are some of our new designs, complete with a pocket on the back to hold a credit card, license or business cards.   (more…)  

CMH Studio  Festive Phone Sleeves by Cheeky Monkey Home

I am excited to introduce Cheeky Monkey Home’s new felt phone sleeves in a variety of vibrant Mexican designs.  This collection is inspired by paper Mexican flag garlands that are used for celebrations and parties all around Mexico. Tissue paper crafts are a rich tradition in Mexico, and I am drawn to them because of the festive quality and brilliant colors.  The intricate paper cut-outs create a lacy effect and beautiful negative shapes—-very similar to what we do with felt!