Friend Feature  Shop Local: Found Home in Chatham, MA

I recently discovered a very special new store that has cropped up in Chatham, Massachusetts, and everyone who frequents Cape Cod just has to know about it!  Found Home is the creative genius of Jennifer Runnels, who pours her heart and soul (and unbelievable talent) into this little shop full of gorgeous finds for the home.  


Drawing on her training as a fine artist, and twenty years of experience working in the furniture and interior design fields, she has a special eye for unique and sophisticated home design. (more…)  

Tried & True  Finders Keepers: 1920′s Mirror Ball

I have very good luck finding things (or maybe it is just an eye for trouble), and I love nothing more than resurrecting something special that has been discarded.  I was jogging with my dog Piper when I discovered this beautiful “disco ball” in the trash of a synagog in my town.  It was very broken and had lost many of its mirrors, but obviously a treasure!Art-Deco-Mirror-Ball-in-studio

photos by Holly Johnson


Tried & True  Furniture Finds

I truly love finding something discarded and making it into something great. My husband is very patient, but understandably shows signs of annoyance when I show up with another “find” that needs to sit in the basement for a few months until I find time to give it a second life. 

Today I want to share a great chair I found (yes, in someone’s trash) for my son Owen’s room that just needed a little facelift. Here is the Before and After:


photo by Holly Johnson

There is nothing difficult about sprucing up old furniture, but for any of you who might be intimidated by a project like this, I wanted to pass along a few of my tried and true tips.  (more…)