Tried & True  DIY: Egg Carton Critters

This is a fun DIY project that is perfect for a rainy day activity with kiddos.  I am not sure who had more fun when my boys and I made these woodland critters—it is usually me!  I swear, the more you stare at an egg carton, the more things you begin to see.  You will see faces in the egg cups—every way you turn them—more faces!  Do you think I sound a little crazy?  Try it!



My boys and I saw owls and foxes in our egg cartons, which felt very fallish, so that is what we decided to make.  If you have ever made a flower wreath from egg cartons, you know that they are really fun and easy to work with–and pretty much everything looks great when painted! (more…)  

Tried & True  Make Her a Mother’s Day Wreath!

boys-with-wreathsI found this wonderful wreath project using egg cartons on Homemade Serenity and had to try it with my two boys.  It is fun and easy—just cut, paint, glue—and of course a great way to recycle!  The only thing I bought was two styrofoam wreath rings and some green gardening tape to cover them with, and the rest we had in our craft bin.  (more…)  

CMH Studio  Welcome to Cheeky Monkey Home!

My name is Holly Johnson and I welcome you to my new blog. I am an artist and the founder of Cheeky Monkey Home, where we create unique home accessories, murals and paintings for children and adults alike. My blog is the place where I gather inspiration and ideas for my business and family life, and feature artists, designers and products I admire. blog0105 As an artist and mother of two energetic boys, I am continuously engaged in a search for beauty and inspiration in our every day life. (more…)