Our pillows and floor cushions are designed, hand cut and assembled in our Belmont studios. We have carefully selected the finest merino wool felt and high quality fillings, and we finish each piece with machine topstitching for long lasting durability. Our keepsake pillows and cushions are designed to last, destined to become a meaningful and precious keepsake for children and their families.

The finest wool felt is used for all of our products. Core to our value and aesthetic, the introduction of this extraordinary material prompted the very vision and design for this winning collection at Cheeky Monkey Home. This 100% wool felt is naturally water resistant and biodegradable. Our colors are incredibly vivid and amazingly fade-resistant because of the highest standards applied in the dye process.

Our felt pillows are made from 100% wool and therefore they must be spot-cleaned or dry-cleaned if soiled. Because our felt is moisture resistant, you may be able to quickly wipe up spills before soaking into the felt. If not, spot clean using a mild soap and cold water. Be sure not to fully saturate the felt as it may change consistency or lose its shape. For best results, we recommend professional dry cleaning.

Each pillow and cushion set is made to order. We are intimately involved with the design and production of each piece throughout the creative process and construction so that we can ensure high quality and lasting durability with every stitch.

All of our pillows come with high quality fills made from a down and feather mix allowing your pillow to be easily rejuvenated by fluffing. This mix nicely fills out the felt covers, and will retain its heft for many years to come. Our floor cushions are filled with high-density foam that is made to resist uneven wear, and deliver superior springback for even the rowdiest of play.

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