Custom Pillows

Cheeky Monkey Home is a made-to-order shop, which means we cut and stitch your pillow after you place your order.  This allows us to be nimble and responsive--offering custom colors and designs for many of our pillows.  We have a huge selection of felt colors, many cotton-linen fabrics and designs to choose from, and we can personalize or monogram our pillows using embroidery or felt lettering, to create amazing keepsake gifts.  Please contact if you would like to request customization.  

Simple Personalization or Monograms:  A name and birthdate, a couple's name and wedding date, a message of love--can be embroidered in any font of the back of any pillow in our collection!  *select "Pillow Personalization or Monogram - Simple"

Embellished Personalization: If you wish to make the back of your pillow as grand as the front, we can carry the theme and design from the front of the pillow to the back by surrounding the embroidery with felt applique accents.  This creates a lovely vignette and VOILA, the front and the back of the pillow are equally enchanting! *select Pillow Personalization or Monogram - Embellished"

Custom Colors:  We love to switch up color combinations to match your decor!  There is generally no extra charge for customizing our designs with your own color combination of felt or in-stock cottons.  Contact holly@cheekymonkeyhome to discuss options.

Custom Size + Shape Pillow:  We can often resize our collection designs as needed.  There is usually a fee to create a new pattern depending on the changes needed.

Custom Designs:  Our collection is ever-changing and we love to add designs based on customer interests.  Occasionally we will create custom designs if they are consistent with our design style and aligned with our current collection identity.  Please contact us to explore your ideas.

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