Cheeky Monkey Home is a made-to-order shop and our creative process allows us to change and evolve our designs and constantly improve and grow.  Some of our best designs result from collaborations with customers and custom orders.  

Custom Colors – Since we make most of our pillows to order, there is generally no extra charge for changing colors on existing designs in our shop, as long as we are using in-stock fabrics and felts.  We are happy send out swatches and consult with you to help you match colors perfectly!

Custom Size + Shape – Most of the designs you find in our shop can be modified for a different size or shape pillow.  In most cases, we need to resize the design, so there can be added fee for changes and increased material costs.


Adding embroidery or felt lettering can transform any of our handmade products into especially meaningful keepsake gifts.  Whether commemorating a wedding date, a baby’s birth, an anniversary or a milestone birthday, you can choose your message and we will work with you to make your gift even more amazing!




Our silhouette pillows capture your child’s image on a beautiful keepsake pillow.  We can also embroider the child's name and birthdate on the back.   All we need is a photo to get started--here's how:

1. Choose a hairstyle that best represents your child, and have them wear a top with a simple neckline or no collar.

2. Snap 3-4 profile photos of your child in front of a solid background. Have child look straight ahead so that head is in full profile (a slightly turned head or photo taken from angle above or below will not look like your child once in silhouette).  Include the full head, neck and shoulders in the picture. 

3. Send us the pictures and we will create design drawings for you to review. Call us at any time if you are unsure or have any questions!



Designers - We collaborate with designers around the country to create designs that put the finishing touch on rooms of all kinds. Please contact us to start the conversation!

Boutiques + Shops - If you have a wholesale account with Cheeky Monkey Home, you can also request custom designs using your shop logo or reflecting a them of your area (such as ski resort or beach town).

Hotels + Resorts - Our pillows and accessories are a wonderful way to personalize the common areas and guest rooms of a boutique hotel.  We have wonderful partnerships with gorgeous hotels and resorts around the New England area and are always excited to create more custom designs that add to the one-of-a-kind experience.  Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

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